Harvest your crops data, digitalize your fields, increase your productivity.

Productivity in your fields with our new technologies

Monitor your fields with professional drones.

Improve your crops with geographic data

Profitable crops, efficient fields

Optimization of irrigation systems.

Improved yield and volume forecasting.

Reduction and control of labor costs.

Integrated management of your fields.

¿What could you achieve with Space AG?

Optimization of irrigation systems.

Using drones equipped with thermal cameras, we help you improve the management of your irrigation systems in the fields.

  • Detection of irrigation leaks.
  • Irrigation uniformity and variability analysis.
  • Identification of plots with irrigation problems.
  • Detection of structural problems in irrigation systems.

Improved yield and volume forecasting.

We can detect vegetation problems related to plants’ health. Applying Artificial Intelligence, we help you monitor and improve your yields’ forecast.

  • Dead plants counting.
  • Exact calculation of productive areas.
  • Creation of statistically significant sampling zones.
  • Detection of problems in plants’ health and non-productive zones.

Reduction and control of labor costs.

Our software helps you manage labor activities in the field, optimizing cost per hour and increasing labor productivity to reduce costs.

  • Digital counting of fruits per plant.
  • Savings in management of harvesting labor.
  • Increase productivity of field personnel.
  • Register and control of geolocated samples.

Digital and integrated management of your fields.

Integrated all your fields’ KPIs in a single platform. Easy, immediate access to all your crops’ and fields’ data from any place at any time.

  •  Exact calculation of net productive areas.
  • Integration with irrigation and weather systems.
  • High resolution digital cartography of all your plots.
  • All field variables organized in a single, easy-to-use software.

We innovate with precision technology

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Our customers already have efficient fields

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With drones the startup Space AG increases productivity in the fields by 25%

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